iViBlend helps naturally balance home-prepared diets


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iviblend is the solution for your pet's home-prepared diet. This whole foods blend contains carefully sourced trace nutrients to complement fresh foods.  It provides a rich source of vitamins and minerals which are commonly deficient in prepared diets and also contains botanical inclusions to promote health.  It only takes a little to provide the benefits, and the formula has a pleasant organic vanilla flavor so your picky pet will have no problem taking it.

It's simple: Mix the freshly cooked ingredients of your diet together with the appropriate number of scoops (your vet will help you out here), and don't forget your preferred source of calcium for a healthy meal.

*Remember that this product requires the approval and recommendation of your veterinarian; if your pet has significant medical issues, we recommend that you talk to your vet about consulting with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist (see acvn.org)*  Your veterinarian will provide the recommendations for how much to add (that's why we ask for their name at checkout), and this may vary with the ingredients you use.  

In general it is safe to add to home-prepared diets according to the following dosing chart, using the provided scoop:

Dogs < 12 pounds: 1/4 scoop daily
13-30 pounds: 1/2 scoop
31-60 pounds: 1 scoop
61-90 pounds: 1.5 scoops
>90 pounds: 2 scoops

For our feline friends, most will do well with 1/4 scoop daily.

***iviblend is now provided in an 8 ounce container instead of 4 oz based on your feedback.  The jar size is the same but you'll note twice as much powder when you receive it.  One container provides about 60 scoops.  The expiration date of the blend being shipped at this time is 5/2022.