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TerraCal (natural mineral supplement from beef bone and eggshells)

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TerraCal (natural mineral supplement from beef bone and eggshells)

Unfortunately, TerraCal will be indefinitely discontinued February 1, 2023. Based on disruptions in supply chains and increased competition for the raw materials, we were unable to source from the reputable suppliers we've used since we first launched the product.  Most canine and feline diets are well-balanced with Calgae.  For diets that call for TerraCal (diets for growing animals, etc.), we would recommend KAL Bone Meal or a similar product available at online retailers.  We apologize for the inconvenience and will let all of our customers know in the future if the product is available again.  Happy feeding!


TerraCal is a unique supplement to provide calcium, phosphorus, and trace minerals in home-prepared diets.  We searched for the premium source of these minerals and identified suppliers of bone meal and eggshell calcium that meet our rigid third-party testing standards.

TerraCal represents an innovation in mineral supplementation to promote bone health in dogs and cats.  This carefully-crafted combination of farm-fresh rich mineral sources of eggshell calcium and beef bone provide a natural balance of nutrients needed for your pet's bone development and health.  The harmonious blend provides whole foods support for the freshest of pet diets to promote health and wellness.

If you're in search of a low phosphorus source of calcium, please see our new Calgae product.

Each teaspoon of TerraCal contains approximately:
1000 mg calcium
  300 mg phosphorus

General Dosing Guidelines:
*Please follow the instructions from your veterinarian tailored to your pet.
*For adult dogs or cats, about 1/2 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight is a rough guideline.  
*Puppies and kittens should only be fed this supplement with specific veterinary instructions, as excess or deficient dietary calcium and phosphorus can be problematic in growing animals.
*Each jar contains about 90 teaspoons.

Pricing Update: Please note that the cost of TerraCal has recently increased based on significant increases in the costs of our ingredients, packaging, and shipping.  We appreciate your understanding.

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